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Database refining for a picture library

An existing client of ours, one of the UKs largest picture libraries, was spending a lot of money mailing its customers and prospects. We identified that if they cleaned and refined their database they could potentially make considerable savings. The client agreed and so we set to work. By means of telephone intelligence gathering we not only improved the accuracy of the database, but also incorporated prospect profiling. As a result, the client enhanced the effectiveness of its communications, achieved a 33% reduction in mailing costs and expanded its electronic sales channels. The added bonus was that through the conversational approach we generated many new leads.

Our activities included:

Verifying the accuracy of company details.
Qualifying individual contacts.
Sourcing new contacts where previous contacts had left.
Qualifying the buying power of contacts.
Establishing approximate company spend on stock photography.
Prospect profiling.
Marketplace data segmentation.